Why I’m Not a Baker


Today, I had a thought. A thought that I could bake. HAHA! Yeah right! This is why I am not a baker, but a cook.

It takes a special skill, that lies in your brain, to control this, so-called “baking” skill. One that I do not have. I do not have the patience, nor the calm baking brain. It’s not relaxing, like cooking is. Baking is an art, as well as cooking, but this baking art is not compatible with my brain.

I could stop right there, because, I know there’s some of you that feel the same way, and you are probably laughing at this, especially when you see my pictures, of the failed attempt at cake pops.

cake pops

Yes, there I said it. I FAILED at cake pops. I mean how hard could it be? Bake the cake, this is the easy part (which I can do, out of a box). Cool cake off, ok got it! Mess cake up, as in using your hands and making the cake not look like a cake any more. Add icing to keep cake into these little balls, of cakey goodness. Now, the trick here, is to put some melted chocolate on the ends of cake pop sticks, before you stab these beautiful little cake balls. So, I did all that, froze them; melted all chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. But why? Why did the cakey balls start falling apart? That’s not how youtube videos show. I followed directions, right?!

So, patience completely gone, I hurried up and did the best I could, on the rest of the cake pops. Now the chocolaty cakey balls are in the freezer, waiting to be devoured, by little hungry rug rats.

cake pops

My cake pops, may not look very pretty, but I know in the end, that my beautiful and thankful children, will eat every last one of them, in one sitting – if I let them.

Tell me, are you a cook or a baker? Any funny stories you might tell? Let me know in the comment section!

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