My Weird Collection: Little Guys


So, what is a Little Guy, you ask?

A Little Guy is any type of little, cutesy figure that I can stick on a shelf and collect millions of.   Anything from ceramic mice to PVC cats, to Hamtaro and California Raisins, I believe it is my biggest collection I have.

I have so many of them I think its time for a new shelf!

What kind of collections do you have?

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4 thoughts on “My Weird Collection: Little Guys

  1. I used to have a collection similar to this… but they were all those ceramic knic knacs… I have went through phases…. keychains, rocks, books, movies etc…. I like to have a lot of everything I guess. I suppose I am am organized hoarder HAHA. Currently my largest “collection” would probably have to be makeup.

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