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Every now and then we have that ONE person we don’t know what to buy for – sometimes the little things count more than the big expensive things, so I have compiled a list of “Stocking Stuffers”, or rather some quick cheap gifts.

1. Nielsen-Massey Vanillas
Truly fine vanilla is at once rich, sweet and sophisticated, possessing a euphoric flavor and fragrance that sends pure joy to the pleasure centers of the brain.

2. ToGoSpa
The Go-To Collagen Collection

3. Tippett Creek Dog Soap
All Natural Dog Shampoo Bars

4. Sugru
Give it 24 hours, and Sugru turns into a durable, flexible silicone rubber that stays stuck (unless you remove it).

5. Savvy Travelers
Designer Beauty Wipes

6. Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer
Be prepared! It’s sneeze and sniffle season!

7. Standelli Professional (Pig Bath Sponge)
Standelli Professional is a unique brand of high quality beauty tools – nail files, hair brushes, tweezers, bath sponges, and many more amazing products!

8. One Fur All – Pet House Candle
All of our products are specially made to neutralize pet odors…with the most effective and safest ingredients.

9. Ms. Dress Up
Ms. Dress Up’s Zipper Pull will change the way women buy dresses forever.

10. Masqueology
Unmask the beauty within (available at Walmart)

11. HardCandy
Go for velvet Mousse lips! Available at Walmart

12. Green Goo
Rethinking First Aid and body care.

13. Glossique Nail Deco
YOUR ON THE GO SOLUTION – with no need for heat, and no harsh chemicals!

14. ChapStick
Favorite Flavor Status Guaranteed!

15. Liquid Chalk Markers
Neon Color Christmas Liquid Chalk Markers. 12 Bright Colors including 2 Special Color – Gold and Silver. For Chalkboard Whiteboard – 6mm with 8 Gram ink.100% Content Guarantee. ECO FRIENDLY.

16. Any Sharp
World’s Best Knife Sharpener. With a PowerGrip suction cup for safer, hands free use

17. BabyFoot
Baby Foot is an innovative foot care product that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot. The unique formula of 17 types of natural extracts allow your feet to exfoliate naturally leaving them highly moisturized.

18. High Brew Coffee
The beauty of our cold-brewed coffee is that it is never in a rush. Our process of extracting the very best from our beans is one that happens over time, not heat, because we don’t believe in burning out.

19. Aubio Lip Balm
Aubío the essential lip balm relief.

20. SurvivorEyes
An eyebrow product that is designed to help women through one of the most difficult battles of their lives.

Author: Kristin

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I consider myself an ambivert… Ambiverts are people who don’t really prefer one way of functioning over another. In other words, you could say they’re the neutral, middle-ground hippies. They’re equally comfortable in situations where the introvert feels most at home and situations where the extrovert is having a good time. …so yeah, I can be both and feel comfortable in any setting I am put in. Except, I would rather text or email rather than talk on the phone, haha!

I have been blogging and reviewing off and on for several years; it all started when I won a giveaway for a book – hooked ever since. What can you expect from me? Family friendly recipes, household items and decor, makeup and beauty reviews, and giveaways!

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