Puppy Potty Training 101

                Most of us love animals. In fact, lots of people have at least considered adopting one of these little angels. But loving an animal and adopting one are two completely different things especially when it comes to dogs.

Even if you never had a dog, you have to be aware of the fact that they’re a handful. Owner has to get up early each morning, take a dog for a walk, make sure that the dog gets his food at the precisely same time etc. These problems are multiplied when a dog is still a puppy as the owner has to be even more disciplined and transfer that discipline to a dog teaching it valuable lessons.

Potty training is usually on the top of the list when it comes to lessons. While every type of training is quite important, potty training is critical as it is something that can mess up your home. That way, not only will you fail as a dog owner but you will also have lot of cleaning to do afterwards.

In this article, we asked the puppy training experts at KaufmannsPuppyTraining.com for some professional help. Here are the top 3 things you have to consider when training your puppy how to potty:


  1. Puppies are like small children

This is first and most important thing you have to consider when it comes to puppies. We are often confused due to dog’s growth spurt and the fact they age quicker than us. This is why we tend to believe that when a dog gets to a certain age, it understands everything around it. This isn’t really true; even when dog is 1 or 2 years old, it is still pretty immature. When it comes to dogs being like small children, there is one thing you always have to keep in mind: while a small slap on the behind can be seen as a disciplinary measure, it isn’t something you should do often. In fact, physical abuse is quite counterproductive and like with small kids, it can lead to trauma. Dogs are pretty good at reading body language so if you wish to pass a message to a dog, it is much better to do it with your attitude.

  1. Create early habits

Not being abusive is just one small part of the potty training. The best results are actually made by creating good, early habits. In this case you are the one that has to set an example; you cannot wait for a dog to take itself out. Instead, you need to take the point and be the one that wakes up early, before the dog, and go out at a precisely same time each and every day. Like us, dogs have a biorhythm. By feeding it at the precisely the same time, with same food and by also going out at the same time, dog is getting used to certain things.

  1. Don’t excite your dog

If you’re just getting used to having a small puppy in your home, you’re probably spending lots of time playing with it. This is true for many new owners during first few weeks of puppy’s life. But you see, dogs get easily excited when you play with them. If they are young, they will not be able to contain their bladder and they will start peeing. This can easily happen in the morning. So, make sure not to excite your dog and try to be passive prior to going out. Only after a dog has done its thing, you can start playing with it.


There you go! These are some basic and easy tips that anyone can use to teach a puppy how to properly potty. Even if you don’t have enough experience, by simply following these rules you will be able to make a difference.  


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