Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls Not Just for Breakfast

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If you are like me and always on the go, the new Jimmy Dean® 9oz. Bowls are your go to super-fast meals for everyone in the family. My family has to get up early for school and a warm meal always does the trick! Then, they get home from school and they are hungry – no time for dinner because in an hour it’s time for practice! And that’s where Jimmy Dean 9oz. Bowls will save you from crabby and hungry kids.

The new Jimmy Dean 9oz. Bowls are perfect for early morning school days, snacks or even a super-fast dinner; cause you know, if you got to get to a practice at 5 pm that lasts for 3 hours – who has time to fix a home cooked meal?

Instead of stopping for fast food that won’t keep you or your child full, Jimmy Dean 9oz. Bowls are quite an alternative with premium ingredients. Each. Jimmy Dean 9oz. Bowls has 21-23 grams of protein! More protein equals more energy and fuller bellies for a longer period of time, for our fast moving lives!

I found mine at Albertsons and I love how easy they were to locate in the freezer aisle. The Jimmy Dean Loaded Potato Breakfast Bowl is packed with bacon, chives, cheese, eggs, and sausage. If your kid loves loaded potatoes, this is the bowl for them! This specific bowl has 23 grams of protein – wow!

Like steak? Try the new Jimmy Dean 9oz. Ranchero and Eggs Bowl. This bowl is full of steak and eggs with a spin of the southwest. A bowl fit for a king or queen, princess or prince!

Did you say burrito? This burrito may not be able to be held in one’s hand, but you can’t get any better than a breakfast burrito in a bowl with all the goodness on a spoon! Jimmy Dean 9oz. Burrito Breakfast Bowl has eggs, onions, green and red peppers, black beans, roasted corn, seasoned red potatoes, salsa verde, chorizo and cheddar cheese. Well, that bowl is a bang for your buck! Talk about a bowl full of food and not just breakfast food! This bowl would be perfect for an evening meal.

I know what you may be saying, “But, I have a picky eater” or “a bowl in the car?”

Sure, a bowl in the car may seem like a big fat “no”, but not if you have a plastic spoon or fork. You just need to throw it away on your way out of the car! Picky eaters – I can’t say more, but I am positive your picky eater will enjoy one of these bowls.

Jimmy Dean 9oz. Bowls aren’t your regular frozen meal. These bowls are made out of the best ingredients, real fluffy eggs, real cheese and so on. The best thing about these bowls is that you don’t have to add anything to it, no side dishes, nothing! Just the bowl, microwave, and a fork – maybe a napkin too if you have a messy eater!

I found my Jimmy Dean 9oz. Bowls at an Albertson’s store and now they are offering a coupon! YAY! Save $0.75 on Jimmy Dean 9oz Bowls, which include the Loaded Potato Bowl, the Ranchero Steak and Eggs Bowl or the Breakfast Burrito Bowl. Available in the frozen food aisle at Albertsons or Albertsons banner stores (Jewel, Shaws, Southwest, ACME).

If you want to make you and your kid’s life a bit easier, grabbing Jimmy Dean 9oz. Bowls are worth the time and effort in the end. Kids will be full and happy, mom and dad will be happy to see their babies happy with a happy belly! Head on over to Albertsons, grab a few bowls and see for yourself! But, make sure you share – it’s worth the share!

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