Throwback Thursday: The California Raisins


Do you remember those loveable little talking dried grapes growing up in the 80’s? I do. Do the names AC, Beebop, Stretch and Red mean anything to you? They do for me. I have very fond memories of sitting on the couch with my dad and watching the California Raisins tape we had. Even now as an adult, I still enjoy sitting down and watching that very same show.

For those who don’t remember, here is a brief overview of the California Raisins: Meet The Raisins (from

“This special mockumentary shows the California Raisins’ humble beginnings, rise to stardom, fall from stardom, and rise back to stardom again, all told through interviews with the Raisins themselves, manager Rudy Begaman and the various colorful characters the Raisins ran into. Features many great songs from the fifties to the eighties.”

Originally The California Raisins were on TV commercials. They also made two short films: Meet The Raisins and The California Raisins: Sold Out!. They were also featured in several TV commercials, and also in Will Vinton’s Calymation Christmas Special.

Perhaps I know more about the California Raisins than I should.   Perhaps maybe you don’t know enough about them!

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