Saving With Misty: Busting Survey & Freebie Myths!

Please feel free to share this with everyone you know who does paid surveys, or has shown an interest in doing paid surveys. I’m seeing too much false information floating around and even more people falling for it each and every day. I’m not a bot and I’m not here to fool people into thinking they are going to make a fortune and can retire just from doing surveys and freebies.

If you have come across any real or fake survey/freebie sites, please feel free to comment on this blog with them. I will be screening them to make sure they are legit, so make sure you are 100% sure with the information you are posting before you post it 🙂

With that being said, here are the way I determine if a survey site is legit, or fake!

Don’t fall for that “Make 1,000+ dollars a week just by taking surveys” crap. Take it from somebody that does do paid surveys and has for over 9 years. I have been burned by fake, spammy sites enough that I know how to tell if a company will pay you for your opinion or not.

For starters, legit companies will never ask you to pay money up front for their services, the companies that do that are fraudulent and more then likely will give you information you can find out on the Internet for free, or false information.

As far as the actual survey sites that are real, on average they pay $3-$5 a survey, not the $5-$150 fraudulent companies claim. Most of the legit sites are on a points system and you have to do enough surveys to bump you over the cash out point, which on average is five dollars or equivalent in points.

Most survey sites do not pay in cash. They give you Giftcards, entries into drawings, prizes etc. When I fill out surveys, I screen out of more then I actually do. You could go through ten or so surveys and find only one you qualify for and complete.

There are also companies out there that will pay you to test products, read emails and visit links. Most of the sites that ask you to test products send you the product or a coupon for a free product, and that is your compensation. The sites that will pay you for reading email, searching the web, pay only a few cents (or equivalent in points) to do these tasks.

Everybody’s looking for a freebie, right? Well, there are legit companies out there that will send you free samples and stuff, but you have to use your discretion when filling out forms.

When you plan on doing surveys and freebies, be sure to make a junk email account and use a fake phone number. These sites that give you free samples will never ask you for your Social or bank account info, just keep that in mind.

Do not give your social or ban account number to any survey or freebie company… Period! This is a big red flag…. I’m on over 30 Surveys sites and not ONE of them asked me for my social security number, or my bank account. They will send you checks, gift cards, Amazon gift cards, or they will give you Paypal money. All of these methods do not require you to have a bank account number, or give them a social security number.

Even on all these sites, I still am not able to make a living off surveys and free stuff, however it does add up when done diligently! I make about $100 a month in gift cards, Paypal, etc, and I get quite a few freebies, samples, review products and test products as well. As I said, not enough to retire on, but it’s enough to keep me motivated to keep doing what I am doing.

There are ways to get free stuff using coupons too. When you see coupons that are $1.00 off a certain brand with no size limit, make sure to check your local shops for travel size products, but make sure they are the EXACT same product your coupon is for. Maybe you can score an even better deal then you think you did!

Some places also double coupons if under a certain amount – be sure to look around and hunt for the best bargain, and check local sales too.   I have gotten some amazing deals just by using low value coupons, buy one get one free sales, and taking advantage of my grocery stores doubling coupons under 50 cents.

Hopefully this has cleared up any questions or concerns many of you have about the survey and free stuff out there!

If you have any questions please feel free to comment and I will try to answer them as best as I can. Under the Saving with Misty tab on Mysterious Ramblings, I have categorized all the sites I am telling you about here, and I will continue to post more sites every Monday on my Savings Journey, so be sure to bookmark this site and keep coming back to see what new sites I have verified are legit to help you in your savings journey!


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