Saving with Misty: Take Surveys With Pinecone Research!

Site: Pinecone Research


Pinecone Research is one of my favorite survey sites that I use. It is consistent and has a Paypal option for cash outs. Best part about this is the payout for each survey is 300 points. If you’re using the cash option for your pay, you can cash out immediately after your account credits after a survey credits to your account. Each survey takes 1-3 business days to credit to your account, but every single completed survey will drop 300 points into your account, which is about $3. For me, surveys take between 10-15 minutes.

If you don’t want Paypal for your rewards method, there are other ways you can spend your points. Wide variety of prizes to choose from!

If you’re lucky, you may also be picked to test drive products! In 2014, I made over $200 with this site. Honestly one of my favorites cause it’s so consistent!

If you don’t have Paypal and still want cash, they also have a check option!

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