Review: Colgate Gum Health Mouthwash

Colgate Gum Health Mouthwash

Note: I just wanted to clarify that the mouthwash is not part of a new product line – it is part of Colgate Total.

Her are some simple health tips from Dr. Nancy Simpkins, Internist and Medical Advisor for the State of New Jersey to make your life happier and healthier:

~ Get Moving Outside: Spring is a great time to be outdoors, so ease back into your exercise routine with daily walks outside. This will help reduce stress and help lower your risk of heart disease and hypertension. Get creative and use apps to track and challenge your friends to walk at least 10,000 steps a day!

~ Reset Your Sleep Pattern: With the arrival of spring come longer days and more daylight. Beat fatigue by setting a goal to keep your waking and bed time consistent – even on weekends. This will help avoid mid-day burn outs while keeping your body in sync with its natural rhythms.

~ Think About Your Gum Health: Most people don’t realize that proper oral hygiene can be a good step toward helping to improve their overall health. In addition to brushing your teeth, make sure to take good care of your gums – they’re the foundation of a healthy mouth. Switch up your daily oral care routine by using Colgate Total®’s New Gum Health Mouthwash after brushing. It has an advanced germ-fighting formula forms a protective shield along the gum line and protects against bacteria that can cause gingivitis.

~Travel Healthy and Be Prepared: As you begin to make plans for spring and summer travel, be sure to schedule your family doctor and dentist appointments and address any issues before your trip. Compile a list of medications, unique health issues or history, and physician contact information. This will be important and save time if you end up needing healthcare while you’re away.

~Refresh Your Diet: Simple changes to your diet can bring more sustained energy and knock off a few pounds. Swap out snacks like potato chips with banana chips and replace red meat with lean protein from turkey and chicken. Also look to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season into your diet.

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