Unboxing & Review: Pet Gift Box

Disclaimer: I received a press sample of this product in exchange for this review and post. All opinions are my own and not influenced by compensation.

Today’s review is brought to you by Pet Gift Box.

Little Joey, my 8 month old Yorkie pup, was so excited when his box arrived at our doorstep chocked full of goodies for him.  This boxes theme of the month was “March Mutt Madness”


The box filled with all kinds of awesome toys and tasty treats. His first reaction was to go right for the bright green shoe by Pride Bites. This toy squeaks and floats, and is very durable and machine washable. This toy can be used indoors or outdoors and is great for swimming, fetch, and Joey’s favorite, Tug of war.


After 20 minutes of non-stop play with the shoe, he grabbed the second toy from the box.  A squeaky plush basketball by SPOT. It wouldn’t be March Madness without a basketball! Joey had a blast with this one as well. Tossing it up in the air and catching it.

Next up was a basketball shaped cookie by Bubba Rose Biscuit Company. This treat looked so delicious, I’d have never guessed it was just for dogs! It came in a cute package and was tied with a little red ribbon. Joey ate this right up and enjoyed every second of every bit of it!  Made with only the best organic ingredients makes this a very special treat for your very special pup 🙂


Next we have the Muttz-RRR-Ella dental chews By SPOT. This 2 in 1 dental chew has an outer layer that helps remove plaque and tartar from your dogs teeth while the chewy center provides your dog with a great tasting surprise. Made in the USA, low fat and easy to digest. A+!


Next we have even more treats!

This one is from Zukes Power Bones. Natural energy bites for active dogs with added vitamins and minerals. While Joey already has so much energy from still being a puppy, I will be handing these over to my mothers 8 year old Poodle, Gidget. She has slowed down quite a bit this past year and I think these treats are just the thing she needs to get up and going again. These snacks are packed with  nutritious superfood carbs and healthy antioxidants. They help energize and are packed with protein as well.  This product is made in the USA and is wheat, corn and soy free.

Next we have the Fou-stick by FDD PET in ‘Soothe’. This little stick will definitely come in handy as Joey as very dry and itchy skin from time to  time due to his outdoor allergies.  This stick has a combination of rich, soothing natural ingredients including aloe vera, neem oil, coconut oil and shea butter. Suitable for both dogs and cats. Great product!


Last, is the Licks Brand liquid vitamins. A high absorption 100% all natural omega boost for your dog. It’s very simple to use, Just squeeze a little in your pups food or feed it to them directly.  Helps improve endurance and expedite muscle recovery.


A huge thank you to Pet Gift Box from Joey and myself for this wonderful box of goodies. We had a blast! 🙂 Spoil your pet with a gift box at http://www.petgiftbox.com

~Joey and Katie

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  1. Oh my goodness! My lil Pixie would
    Absolutely love this gift box! If they sent her this for free? I would definitely be buying each month there after! She is my baby and getting up in age…for us she is 11years old. But this sure would bring that pup back outta in her for sure!! Thank you. Sincerely, Jennifer Murphy

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