My Weird Collection: Gremlins


I have always been one to think off the beaten path. All the way back to my school days, I always remember being the one who only had one or two friends, somewhat of an outcast. With me always being that way, I have learned to march to the beat of my own drum. So, what would set me apart from other collectors?

Collecting Gremlins, of course!

Up until recently, like maybe the past two years, I never even gave Gremlins a second thought.   Yes I always though Gizmo was a cute little guy and I love both movies, however I never even thought about collecting them. Until, one day I came across one of the Neca figures at an antique mall.

So, started the collection of a lifetime.My Weird Collection

Last I counted, I have over 70 pieces of Gremlins memorabilia, including some very hard to find pieces. My collection would be much bigger, however the really rare guys are hundreds of dollars apiece.

 This past year, my boyfriend (whose name happens to be Zach as well) were able to meet Zach Galligan (Billy in Gremlins) at a Scifi convention, and I was able to share with him my love for Gremlins, and got a couple of my favorite pieces signed. This was a big deal for me. I meet a ton of celebrities at Scifi conventions, but it was really nice to actually be able to show picture of my collection to one of the stars of Gremlins.

What kind of collections do you have?

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