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Most people when they look at my latest tattoo I got for my 28th birthday, they’re going to look at it and snicker to themselves : “What the heck does Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk mean?”  Or, they may flat out ask me what it means. Well, here’s a little insight to it:

When I was growing up, and even now, I have severe ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Basically, I can’t sit still, and my mind is always going a million miles an hour.

When I was younger, I was a hot mess.  I was out of control hyper and until I was put on Ritalin at seven, NOTHING would calm me down.  My kindergarten teacher would tell me mom day after day I needed to be on medication.  When I was in my Junior year in high school, I got tired of having to take a pill everyday, and essentially took myself off of Ritalin and learned to control this ADHDon my own without the help of drugs.

So, needless to say trying to get me to calm down when I was young and actually focus on anything, much less TV or something that would keep me occupied, was like trying to herd cats while the vacuum cleaner is running…  Every now and then you get lucky when a cat wanders into the pen, and just like that, my parents decided to put on The Three Stooges…. And it worked to calm me down!


The Three Stooges have been a big part of my life ever since then, and I hope once I have children of my own, they will appreciate their slapstick comedy as much as I do.  Now every time I look down at my wrist, I can not reflect of the beauty that is The Three Stooges and how exactly they have helped shaped me into the person I am today.

When I go on to explain what exactly those three little words mean to me, hopefully they will realize the meaning behind it and understand how much it means to me.  If not, who cares?  I did what felt right for me, and it is forever a reminder to keep positive and take the time to laugh, no matter what is thrown your way.

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