Review for AromaFloria & Giveaway Teaser

AromaFloria is an amazing product!! I really can’t say enough about it. As far as the product itself, it is made with Naturally Healing Essential Oils to help comfort and soothe your joints and muscles. 100% Vegan, Not tested on animals, Safe for the planet, Biodegradable, Sulfate Free, Parabens Free, Phthalate Free. I am not overly familiar with the last two there, but over all, this product is just made with the environment in mind.

Now that I have that stuff out of the way, I can now say I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! The oils in it, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lemon Grass make up one of the best smelling bathroom products I have ever used and it just feels so good to use it. You feel it working and tingling in the shower, the sugar scrub makes your skin super soft and my husband even enjoys massaging me with the massaging oil. These products have just been a true pleasure to use and I am very sad that I am running out.

I personally suffer from hip and knee pain just from being over weight and still trying to heal from childbirth. These products have made a tremendous difference for me on just how I get up and around every day. I am and will always be open to be a spokes person for this company because they have not only made a great quality product, but as someone who loves being all natural, I feel confident using this product instead of having to reach for my Tylenol or Ibprofin. This wonderful company is also doing a raffle for the same product line I reviewed. So We will giveaway the 12oz scrub, 9oz massage oil, 9oz bubble bath, 23oz salt, 6.7oz body wash and sinus help beads the whole 9!! The link is below for the raffle. Good Luck to the winner!!!

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  1. AromaFloria Sounds like a great product. I love that it is safe for our environment and it sounds like it smells really good too. I hope I win it!!!

  2. AromaFloria sounds amazing… I love walking into different rooms of my house and having each room have their own relaxing scent.

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