Mysterious Travels: The Hidden Escape Lithia Springs, Georgia

I love games.  I love games that really work your mind the best rather than those games that fall flat and are mindless.  I have heard of escape rooms before, but I had never actually given them much thought before.  While I was cruising Facebook, I found a local company called The Hidden Escape, and figured I would reach out to the Lithia Springs, Georgia location for a review.  I was thrilled to pieces when they offered me and 3 friends an escape room!

What is The Hidden Escape, you might ask? The Hidden Escape has two different escape rooms you can choose from – Orion and The Year of the Roommate.  You are locked in a room with some of your friends (as it is nearly impossible to escape the room by yourself), given a series of events and clues around the room, and it’s up to you and your buddies to find your way out in an hour or less.

If you get stuck and feel you cannot go any further in the room, you can ask the room master for help, and they will give you a clue to help you escape.  You can ask the room master for help 4 times before you are on your own.  If you do not escape in the allotted 60 minutes, lights will come back on and they will let you out.

I was provided with the Orion room with my sister, brother in law and my boyfriend for our escape room adventure.

“Professor Eisenstein has dedicated his life to studying the skies, and journeying across the seas in a search for hidden treasures. However, as he is getting older and weaker from his past adventures, he needs an apprentice to accompany him and continue his legacy. He’s recruited you to join him… but first, you have to pass his test. Do you have what it takes?”

This room was a fun room with lots of twists and turns that had us on the edge of our brains for around 50 minutes, which is how long it took us to escape the room.

We loved this room so much and has such a blast, that we paid to escape their other room, The Year of the Roommate.

“You are starting as a freshman at George Washington University and moved in a little early to take summer classes. Even though you have just moved in, you think your roommate might be up to something sketchy. You snooped around a little too much and ended up in more trouble than you bargained for…”

While this one was a bit more challenging than Orion, me and my crew took it on without even thinking about it.  This was challenging and surprising, however we made in out with 7 minutes to spare, which is a new record!

We had such a blast and I am so thankful that we got this opportunity, and I am on the lookout now for our next big escape, so I was excited to hear they are working on adding a third room, and we will be checking it out!

If you are interested in check out The Hidden Escape, please visit their official website.

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