Saving With Misty: Extreme Couponers Debunked!

I am here is clear up some of these extreme couponers that have been profiled in the media, as well as can be found online. While I think it’s great that couponers are trying to help America save money, I also think these shows that profile these extreme couponers need to make sure that the people you put on the show are legit and the information given out is correct.

Here is what I mean.

Extreme Couponers: Using more than one coupon on a product. I have seen several couponers stack coupons.

Reality: You are not allowed to do that 90% of the time.   Manufacturers coupons have printed right on this “Do not use with another coupon.”. Very rarely does the stacking of coupons actually work.

Bogo Items

Extreme Couponers: Bo-Go (buy one get one free) coupons items, you can get them both for free with coupons – one BOGO coupon, then using a free item coupon on the other item.

Reality: Most places don’t take a free coupon when they’re BOGO, so therefore in order to get the item for free, you can use coupons for BOGO items, however in order to get them both for free, you have to have a coupon that is the full value of the product you are paying for in order to get them both for free.  Example…. BoGo Chips – $3 a bag. But one get one for free, however, in order to get the second one free, I have to have a coupon that is $3 off Chips.  They can’t use a free coupon in most places to get two products for free.

Generic brands and coupons

Extreme Couponers: Uses coupons on generic items

Reality: While shopping generic does save you money, however 99% of generic manufacturers do NOT give coupons.  They do not give coupons for their products cause they are all ready at rock bottom prices.

10/10 sales and Dollar Store

Extreme Couponers: Always shop 10/10 items and at the Dollar Tree – you will always find a better deal!

Reality: Most of the time, unless you have a bangin coupon, then 10/10 sales are not full sized items. When you are buying a small item for $1 and there is one over on the shelf that is 4 times that size for $3, you’re better off buying in bulk.

So, moral to the story, folks?  Don’t believe everything you see on TV…..Every aspect of extreme couponing needs to be profiled, positive and negative.

If you have a question you would like me to answer about couponing or saving money, please, please leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer it!

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