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You can make amazing meals in the microwave! Yes, you can!

I am definitely not a huge fan of cooking fresh food in the microwave, but with the Smartbowl you can!

In between work and holiday shopping, you can create healthy, portion-controlled, quick-scratch meals in under 5 minutes. Chef Art’s new cookbook is fully of delicious ideas including meatballs with creamy polenta, shrimp tacos, perfectly poached eggs and the most delicious chocolate cake that will have you throwing all of your mugs away.

The Smartbowl is much more than just a bowl. It’s design is perfectly made for great fresh dinners made in the microwave.

The channel-lock seal is a proprietary “smart” seal designed to secure the lid to the bowl and lock in moisture. The Smartbowl is made of high-tech laboratory-grade and blown, borosilicate glass (Borosilicate glass is a type of glass with silica and boron trioxide as the main glass-forming constituents. Borosilicate glasses are known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion, making them resistant to thermal shock, more so than any other common glass.). It’s thermal shock resistant when exposed to extreme temperature changes. It is thinner and lighter than Pyrex.

The lid is made of medical grade silicone; lid is flexible, doesn’t warp, stain resistant and BPA free. The lid also has a smart steam vent. This will regulate pressure inside the bowl that will create a vacuum sealed for a faster and moisture rich cooking.

The Smartbowl is also perfect for storing the meals you make using the bowl. There is no need to dirty another storage container.

Chef Art’s Smart Cooking cookbook ($20 value) is now free with your smartbowl purchase. Use the promo code: smartholiday at checkout to receive your free gift. The promotion will last through January 3, 2017 as the smartbowl is a fantastic New Year, New You product too.

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