Salads and What I Put on Them


Anyone who follows me on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, you know I post a lot of salad pictures and, well, food in general.  For those who have been asking, here are my favorite ingredients to put into a salad.

~ Italian Herb Mixed Greens, or Romaine Lettuce.  I don’t use iceberg because it is 99% water and there’s really not that much nutritional value.

~ Protein – cheese, eggs, tuna, chicken, and bacon are some of the sources of protein I put in my salads.

~ Carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, raw broccoli and radishes are some of the extra vegetables I add to my salads.  The more veggies you throw into a salad, the more nutrients you will be getting, so pile it in!

~ Nuts, cranberries and raisins are more than welcomed in my salads as well.  I’ve started using nuts (walnuts, alonds, etc) in place of croutons for that extra crunch I want.  I also love they are exploding with healthy fats and more protein!

~ Dressing – I’m really kinda heavy handed with the dressing.  I love thousand island, Catalina, French, and sometimes I even make my own with fruit vinegar, oil, fresh sea salt and ground pepper.  I usually use the light versions of dressing to cut back on unwanted fat and calories.  There are several 0 calories dressings out there for those who want to cut back on calories

~ Seasonings – I always load my salads up with seasoning.  I try to stay away from seasonings with salt in them to cut back on sodium intake.  Mrs Dash and seasoned pepper are some of my favorites to add.  They add a lot of flavor to your salads without adding extra calories.

What do you do to spice up your salads?

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One thought on “Salads and What I Put on Them

  1. Mrs. Dash is the best!
    I love salads… I love croutons… as for dressing since most of them are high in sodium… I stick to squirts of lime.
    i always add beets and chickpeas to my salads too!

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