Poem: Revenge

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October 10, 2010

My heart is aching

Our vows are breaking

How could you do that to me

The one that you love

That you can’t get enough of

Yet here I sit


What is this I see

A nightmare this must be

My ring must be burning your finger

As you lay there

So cold

What I saw

Written in bold

Continues to linger

How could you do that to me

The one you supposedly love

Get this ring off of my finger

Before my anger rises above

All the things I did for you

The things I will never get back

A part of me remains inside of you

And gratitude is one thing you lack

What about our kids

Did they ever cross your mind

This day shall never be erased

Forever etched on their minds

If you were unhappy with me

You should have just told me

Would have saved us a world of hurt

Instead you decided to lash out

Have you forgotten our marriages worth

Heart to thee

Body to thee

Always and forever

Shattered I shall be

Ashes to ashes

Lust to lust

I hope she was worth it


Let it bust

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