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Starkist Tuna Creations Review

About Starkist Tuna StarKist Co. is a leading producer, distributor and marketer of shelf-stable seafood products in the United States. A category leader in innovation, StarKist was the first brand to introduce the StarKist Flavor Fresh Pouch®; StarKist Tuna Creations®, a line of lightly marinated tuna; and a dolphin-safe policy. As America’s favorite tuna, StarKist… Continue reading Starkist Tuna Creations Review

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Delectables Squeeze ups for Cats by HARTZ Review

About Hartz At Hartz®, our passion for pets all began in 1926, when Max and Gustav Stern came to America with 5,000 singing canaries. The canaries, called the Harz Roller, came from the Upper Harz Mountain region (somebody along the way added a “t”). Eventually they started selling food for the birds as well. As… Continue reading Delectables Squeeze ups for Cats by HARTZ Review

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Dermend Review

About Dermend Our formula’s targeted ingredients work together to rejuvenate and help restore the skin’s natural barrier. DIRECTIONS For best results, use twice daily on arms and legs. For lasting benefits, continue use even after desired results are achieved. WHERE TO BUY Your local dermatologist’s office or at CVS ( KEY INGREDIENTS Retinol Retinol helps… Continue reading Dermend Review

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Charlie’s Chalk Dust Ejuice Review #vapenation

Back in March, we had a vape show here in Atlanta.  While I was there, I came across a company called Charlie’s Chalk Dust, and they were kind enough to supply me with a couple bottles of Ejuice in exchange for a review. First thing I noticed about Charlie’s Chalk Dust was the amazing, black… Continue reading Charlie’s Chalk Dust Ejuice Review #vapenation

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Peaceable Kingdom Review

About Peaceable Kingdom Kindness is essential to success in life. Cooperative games blend playful fun with a chance to learn compassion and practice kindness toward others. Common goals teach kids to work together. Cooperative games enable players to win or lose as a team, which builds resilience and strengthens friendships. Nothing is more important than… Continue reading Peaceable Kingdom Review

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My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Sloth Review

About My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Looking for a unique pregnancy keepsake? You can go home from your ultrasound or doctor’s visit with the sound of your baby’s heartbeat recorded in a precious Heartbeat Animal. Squeeze your Heartbeat Animal and hear your baby’s heartbeat whenever you like. My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear provides everything you need to… Continue reading My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Sloth Review

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L’occitane Review

About L’Occitane All products and stores reflect the company’s core values of authenticity, simplicity, sensory pleasure and respect for people and the planet. Integral to Baussan’s philosophy are the true stories behind L’Occitane products. Infused with rich Provencal tradition, L’Occitane represents the heritage of this simple, yet vibrant region and celebrates the culture of the… Continue reading L’occitane Review