Oh Canada – Poutine

I have friends from all around the world. I love to try new, and different foods from those places. One that stood out, that I never heard of until recently is poutine – I call it a Canadian delicacy.

What is Poutine?
 French Fries
 Cheese Curds
 Brown Gravy

french fries

Poutine, stood out, because of the name. I’ve done some research, for us Americans, whom do not live in the Northern States. The word “poutine” is possibly french for the English word “pudding”. There is some controversy with the word, though.

For example: Poutine could mean, bad stew, hodgepodge, crushed fruit or foods, a mixture of various things – poutine is even a french slang word for mess. But, poutine has become to be known as fries with cheese and gravy. So there ya have, my research is complete! 😀

cheese curds

When I first heard of poutine, I thought to myself “It must be like the American cheese and fries, or chili cheese and fries and so forth…”. My friend from Nova Scotia, said “NO! We have cheese fries and chili cheese fries, this is something totally different”. – Well, I stood corrected!

I made my first poutine about a month ago. I made it with a soggier type of fry – first mistake. I used the right cheese curd, but I used brown gravy (which is what you’re supposed to use), but the brown gravy was way too much. The brown gravy took all the flavor, there was no fry taste, nor cheese curds. All I tasted was gravy.

fries and cheese

So, this time I used a fry that was seasoned and cooked the fries a tad bit longer, than what the directions offered, and I used a chicken gravy. PERFECT! I actually apologized to my friend in Canada about using chicken gravy, but my other friend in Canada (ha! I have a few friends in Canada), said she always uses chicken gravy on hers. So I wasn’t so apologetic after she said that.

All Americans need to try poutine at least once in their life. You can make it at home or search the internet for restaurants in your area who serve poutine. It’s a pretty amazing experience!



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  1. i had heard the word in the context of food but had no idea what it was. Now I know and although I won’t be making it myself I am going to try and find a restaurant that makes it!

  2. oh boy!! im in love what more could a girl ask for fries cheese and gravy..yummy the perfect dish…this looks so amazing thanks for sharing with us

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