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What’s in your Gym Bag? Giveaway

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My daughter has been in track going on 10 years now so we are pros at knowing what to keep in a gym bag and what to pack for tack meets. The weather isn’t always predictable and in California we might have a cold morning (for us) and hot day and cooler evening. So having the right essentials for a gym bag for track practices and track meets, plus what I pack for track meets is important to survive the day.

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What’s in The Gym Bag

  • Warm up clothes (sweat pants wide at the ankle to pull on and off over shoes and a hoodie).
  • Appropriate shoes. She had running shoes, spikes for high jump and hurdles and another pair of shoes for when she does shot put.
  • Extra pair of socks.
  • Cell phone (so she can find me when her practice is over or to tell me when she is going on the field for an event), backup battery and charger, a good book (especially for long track meets) and anything else for entertainment since there is sometimes a few hours of waiting between events.
  • Bottled water in a reusable bottle. We fill the container with ice so that it stays cold as it defrosts throughout the day.
  • BODYARMOR Sportwater. Especially when she has been exercising for hours and in the hot sun.
  • Light snack, like a granola bar. Eating too heavy can slow athletes down, hinder their performance and give them an upset stomach.

BODYARMOR is the brand of choice for athletes and has assembled an impressive team of young and superstar athletes including Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Mike Trout, Dustin Johnson, Andrew Luck, Kristaps Porzinigis, Richard Sherman, Dez Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Skylar Diggins.

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What Parents Should Pack

I pack sorta similar but things for me and any guests (her brother, my parents, etc). I’ll be sitting for hours at the track meet. I might be in the stands. If she is at high jump and shot put I’ll need a chair since there is nothing to sit on near those events.

  • Ice chest with cold drinks. Especially water. Extra for my daughter, in case she drinks all of what is in her gym bag.
  • Snacks that won’t make me tired. Cheese and crackers. Apples and peanut butter. String cheese. If I want hot food I can get nachos or a hot dog from the concession stand. Some parents pack things like ring pops for the kids. Fresh fruit, like oranges, too.
  • I usually wear a t-shirt and pants (shorts if it is full-on summer) and bring a lightweight sweater I can tie around my waist.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A good book (since I can’t stay on my cell the whole time, battery won’t last all day). Tried to bring my tablet but the sun glares on it too much.
  • Cell phone (to take pictures and videos at the meet), backup battery and USB cord.
  • Portable chair or something padded to sit on if I’m in the stadium seats (I have a 4-foot long yoga mat that is nice to bring. Padding to sit on plus saves my spot in the seats.
  • Some people bring umbrellas or stadium umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun. I find them too bulky to carry around and the wind blows them too easily.


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Now To The Giveaway

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  1. The flavors contain extracts of the real fruits that are included in each of our BODYARMOR varieties as well as 10% coconut water.

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  3. Potassium is critical in the hydration process by preventing cramping due to its role in nerve function and muscle control.

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