Earn Points Taking Surveys With YouGov!

Earn Points Taking Surveys With YouGov!

YouGov is actually a really cool site I have been using more lately.  This site gives you points towards awesome prizes (including Amazon gift cards and much more) just for giving your opinion on certain topics and taking surveys.  Cash out is relatively low starting at 25,000 points, which can get you a $15 Amazon gift card. As you have already guessed by the name, some of the questions are politically related, however I have...Read More

Saving with Misty: Taking Surveys With I-Say Survey Panel!

Site: I-Say (Iposis) Website:  http://www.i-say.com/ I-Say has been one of the more consistent of the survey sites I use.   Although I have been cashing out $5 Paypal payments only, I have been getting one of these about every other week, and I don’t even do surveys like I should. If I was more disciplined about it, I could be making $5 a week from I-Say!   May not seem like a lot, but that’s...Read More

Saving with Misty: Take Surveys With Pinecone Research!

Site: Pinecone Research Website: www.pineconeresearch.com Pinecone Research is one of my favorite survey sites that I use. It is consistent and has a Paypal option for cash outs. Best part about this is the payout for each survey is 300 points. If you’re using the cash option for your pay, you can cash out immediately after your account credits after a survey credits to your account. Each survey takes 1-3 business days to credit to...Read More