Download Infield Chatter and Have a Chance at a Million Dollars! #ad #sweeptheserieschallenge #infieldchatter #MLBPA

Download Infield Chatter and Have a Chance at a Million Dollars! #ad #sweeptheserieschallenge #infieldchatter #MLBPA

This is such a neat app that MLB Players created called, Infield Chatter, basically an app for players to discuss everything they want to without getting trolled. They post pictures of what they wear before a game, a new pair of shoes they bought, or even what music they listen to on the bus ride to a game! Pretty cool, huh? Also, beginning today, the first one million fans to download the app built by the MLBPA’s players for their...Read More Launches National “15 & Me Selfie Search” Launches National “15 & Me Selfie Search” Launches National "15 & Me Selfie Search"    Online Gifting Company Kicks Off 15th Birthday Countdown, Offering Consumers 17 Ways To Win  EXETER, N.H., Sept. 20, 2017 -- One of the top U.S. online gifting companies is celebrating its first 15 years of business in a fun, unique way, shining the spotlight on the countless customers who have contributed to this major milestone. At 11:15 a.m. (ET) today, "'s 15 & Me Selfie Search" will launch, offering more than...Read More
What’s the Deal with Dealspotr? #dealspotr #ad

What’s the Deal with Dealspotr? #dealspotr #ad

If you were like me before I discovered Dealspotr, I thought it was just another coupon site that posts expired codes and is more of a hassle than a blessing.  The more and more I looked over the site, the more and more I discovered I was wrong.  If you feel the same way I felt about Dealspotr before discovering it, you might want to take a second to read about the many benefits to using...Read More

Red’s Natural Foods on SALE 8/19-8/25 at Publix

From 8/18 to 8/25, all Red’s Natural Foods’ Burritos (including Red’s Breakfast Burritos) are 5 for $10 at Publix. Plus, Red’s Natural Foods’ Enchiladas, Burrito Bowls and Taquitos are 3 for $10 at Publix. Publix currently carries the complete line of Red’s Natural Foods’ products including Burritos, Burrito Bowls, Enchiladas and Taquitos. All Red’s products are natural, free of artificial preservatives and made with only the best ingredients. As always, Red’s only uses meat raised...Read More

Five Tips for Finding Free Stuff

I have been an avid freebie finder for over 10 years, and even I find it hard to determine what is a real freebie and what is a fake freebie on the Internet.  I have done lots of research, and this is 5 ways that I have found to score real freebies on the Internet with little to no work on your part. Freebie Sites: There are a lot of different sites out there that...Read More

10 Ways to Save Money #LifeHack

Everyone is trying to save the almighty dollar, right?  Thank you to Life Hack for posting this awesome article.   1. Buy used items. We remember to buy used items with some purchases, like cars and video games. But we usually forget to shop for used items when looking for clothes, electronics, or even furniture. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to perishable items, but utilizing websites such as Craigslist and social media platforms can lead to huge savings...Read More

Saving With Misty: Busting Survey & Freebie Myths!

Please feel free to share this with everyone you know who does paid surveys, or has shown an interest in doing paid surveys. I'm seeing too much false information floating around and even more people falling for it each and every day. I’m not a bot and I’m not here to fool people into thinking they are going to make a fortune and can retire just from doing surveys and freebies. (more…)