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Skoy Enterprises Review

About Skoy Enterprises Skoy Enterprises LLC is a woman owned business located in Encinitas, California.  Skoy opened its doors in 2007 with the launch of the Skoy Cloth. It was founded by the two current owners: Michelle Lundqvist and Karen Petersen. Skoy Enterprises offers a product line for the kitchen that is innovative and unique.… Continue reading Skoy Enterprises Review

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Surpahs Review

About Surpahs Surpahs® makes great kitchen scales, bathroom scales and kitchenware products. We are a private held company operated by the great Internet sense team players. Surpahs, synonyms of Surpass, meaning to be beyond the limit, powers, excellence, be superior to in achievement, so is our commitment. Surpahs was conceived to deliver high quality home… Continue reading Surpahs Review

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Microwave Meals Faster and Tastier | Smartbowl System

You can make amazing meals in the microwave! Yes, you can! I am definitely not a huge fan of cooking fresh food in the microwave, but with the Smartbowl you can! In between work and holiday shopping, you can create healthy, portion-controlled, quick-scratch meals in under 5 minutes. Chef Art’s new cookbook is fully of… Continue reading Microwave Meals Faster and Tastier | Smartbowl System

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Funbites Review

About Funbites FunBites is an essential kitchen tool for families with kids AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE!. It is perfect for for picky eaters and Bento lunches. FunBites cuts kids’ food into fun-shaped bite-sized pieces. It goes WAY BEYOND sandwich cutters! FunBites works fantastic on pancakes, waffles, deli, cheese, burgers and more. Made of the strongest plastic material… Continue reading Funbites Review

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Rookie Chef | Kids Real Cooking Set

Do your kids love to help you cook, like mine do? Or do you want to teach them to help you cook? Good news, there is a new company called Rookie Chef, where they offer parents cooking materials made especially for children! The Rookie Island Cart is the perfect size for children! The cart come… Continue reading Rookie Chef | Kids Real Cooking Set